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Site Relaunch


After 15 years of operation, I’ve decided to relaunch this website and switch over to HUGO for creating these pages. This also means that all the previous content is gone for now and will only be partially restored. New ideas and new projects will instead be made available to the public.

The past four years have been quite an interesting ride as I’ve become a big fan of the RC2014 “homebrew” 8-bit computer platform. As a result I’ve not only built several variants of this system but also dug deeper into that particular hardware and became quite literate about the Zilog Z80 microprocessor and some of the typical peripheral chips that often accompanied it in the 8-bit systems of the late 1970s and up to the middle of the 1980s. This includes the well-known SIO/2 serial UART, the Texas Instruments TMS9918A video chip but also modern I2C bus master controllers.

I will write in more detail about these projects in the future. So maybe you’d like to check for updates to this site every now and then?!