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ufud.org is the result of two nerds having too many beers and some server hardware to spare during the summer of 2002. Sobered up again, the site saw no activity for a few years until a makeover in 2008, switching over to Wordpress. During that period ufud.org had a brief phase of activity with several new “members” releasing some old Amiga MOD files and an AMOS BASIC game they had been working on in the mid-1990s, making them available to the public through this site. It also served as an outlet for my own little projects during that period (e.g. building a tape interface for Sharp Pocket PCs, setting up the Wintermute BBS classic bulletin board system etc.) but by 2016 acivity had ceased again. In 2024 I decided to once more re-launch this site, still focusing on 8-bit machinery but from a very different, more knowledgeable point of view. We’ll see how it goes this time …


UFUD stands for (hold your breath) “UNIX fun user Düsseldorf” and sounded so crappy and typically germans-speaking-english, that we immediately declared it a winner! It also sounds quite funny to german ears (especially when you’re drunk), as it is reminiscent of some grunting wild boar.

Technical information

ufud.org is a non-commercial, privately operated website. There’s no JavaScript, no Google spyware or tracking of any kind. There are no other external dependencies, embedded fonts or comment sections. Heck, we don’t even have a database backend as these pages are strictly static content (thanks to HUGO).

Impressum / Contact

Niels Haedecke
Kronenstrasse 27a
40217 Düsseldorf