preserving the golden age of computing

Adding a READ ... DATA like functionality to Forth

forth example code
Once you start coding in Forth for a while, you may come across a situation where you want to write a sequence of bytes to some memory location (e.g. if you want to store the sprite data for a game). Out of the box, Forth provides the word C, to store arrays of data which can then be written to the desired memory address using a DO…LOOP and MOVE in your code. Read more...

Connect like it's 1985!

rc2014 z80 cpm rc-box
RC-BOX BBS is (probably) the first RC2014 based bulletin board system in the world! It is a classic 1985 bulletin board based on the RBBS 4.1 (BDS C code) software and utilizing a RC2014 computer kit running the CP/M 2.2 operating system and the BYE5 communication program to interface with the outside world. It features several boards (called “subject files”) users can communicate through, allows undisclosed personal messages and lets you access the CP/M command line. Read more...

Site Relaunch

After 15 years of operation, I’ve decided to relaunch this website and switch over to HUGO for creating these pages. This also means that all the previous content is gone for now and will only be partially restored. New ideas and new projects will instead be made available to the public. The past four years have been quite an interesting ride as I’ve become a big fan of the RC2014 “homebrew” 8-bit computer platform. Read more...
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